Ethernet Over Powerline

Get fast and reliable connections using Ethernet over Powerline

Using Ethernet is a convenient way to connect computers and transmit data within a network. As business demands rose significantly, the need for a reliable and fast connection also increased. As solutions to these demands, we at Genesis offer many types of Ethernet connections. You can choose from different connections, like our Ethernet over Powerline.

Ethernet over Powerline, also known as Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a network that uses the existing electrical system as the medium for transmitting data. The wall sockets serve as the network’s connecting points. More often than not, it is used to extend a network connection to another area, such as a different room in the office or home, there are many ways Ethernet over Powerline can help your business.

Common uses of Ethernet over Powerline

Genesis offers Ethernet over Powerline services for different purposes. You can use this in the following:

  • Network webcams
  • IP security cameras
  • Network routers
  • Public address systems
  • Mini network switches

Some businesses use PoE for their VoIP phone lines, others use this for Network Time Protocol. There are many clients that use our PoE services for wireless access points. Retailers and wholesalers can also use this for their remote Point of Sale (POS) kiosks.

Advantages of Ethernet over Powerline

With Genesis’s Ethernet over Powerline, we offer one of the fastest network connections. In many cases, when comparing a wireless connection to a PoE, the latter offers faster speeds.

Our Ethernet over Powerline only uses a single cable for its power and data connection. You do not even need to have additional cables for each purpose, this helps reduce clutter in the office.

Genesis offers reliable and affordable Ethernet over Powerline connections for your business communication needs. Contact us to find out which Ethernet network service is best for your business.