Business Mobiles

Genesis Business Mobiles

Genesis are a leading UK supplier of converged fixed and mobile telecommunications solutions. We design, implement and manage your communications environment, driving collaboration, flexibility and business advantage in the workplace.

In understanding your business we are able to leverage both experience and proven technology to manage your infrastructure across a multitude of vendors affording you a dependable single point of contact. Genesis realise the importance of continuous and reliable service and will provide solutions to suit every business. Now that’s Business Mobiles with a difference.

We can think of 10 reasons to use Genesis Mobiles:

  • We are Independent, Experienced and Reliable
  • You will have Regular Tariff Reviews
  • You’ll get a Personal Account Manager
  • We actively support Flexible Working
  • You’ll get dedicated email & telephone support
  • We Supply sim free handset
  • We will install car kits & accessories
  • We remove the jargon and simplify the customer needs
  • We’re working in Partnership with all major mobile carriers
  • We Listen, We Understand, We Deliver

Genesis Business Mobile Benefits

Comprehensive Range of Tariffs

Genesis’s business mobiles offer a comprehensive range of tariffs with inclusive minute bundles, and an equally extensive range of text and data solutions. Our focus on business ensures they’re always designed with the needs of business mobile customer in mind. We also offer a range of corporate tariffs, for customers who need a greater degree of flexibility.

Sharer Options

Our standard business mobile phone tariffs are designed to accommodate multiple sharers.

Quality of Service

Genesis utilise the best of breed from all of the major network operators for your company’s business mobiles. So you can feel secure Genesis offer the network coverage your business demands.

Genesis’s range of Business Mobile devices

We offer a wide range of business mobile devices from the top manufacturers, including Samsung and Apple, so you are free to choose the mobiles that best suit your individual business needs.

Regular Tariff Reviews

Your Genesis account manager is responsible for making sure you receive the best possible service from Genesis business mobile. This includes a regular tariff review to ensure you are on the best plan possible.

Flexible Working

With Genesis’s Business Mobiles you and your staff will have the benefit of being able to work remotely and when on the move. This helps drive your business’s productivity and boost overall job satisfaction. The features range from sharing resources wirelessly, video conferencing and much more. For more on flexible working and how our service can help your company, please call us.

We understand the 3 most important factors for Business Mobiles:

  • Network Coverage – Independent analysis and in-house statistics are used to ensure the best-fit network for your business mobiles.
  • Account Management – 3 Tier Specialist Account Management; Field-based Account Manager, UK Office Support, UK Technical Support.
  • Controlling Cost – We can provide monthly and quarterly estate management of your business mobile’s account to provide ongoing savings.

Business Mobiles with a Difference

Genesis’s Business Mobile service offers a complete mobile solution for your company. With reliable service, flexible working and a vast selection of tariffs, carriers and handsets, Genesis are a business mobile provider with a difference.

Call us today on 0843 504 4180 for more information.