Network IVR

Genesis Network IVR

At Genesis, we pride ourselves on our wide offering of Network IVR (Interactive Voice Response) solutions, including:


Cut out the need to employ people while still handling calls to the complete satisfaction of your customers. A Genesis auto-attendant uses number menus to direct and transfer your incoming calls, without the need for human staffing. With Network IVR, customers are taken quickly and effectively to where they need to be.

Data Capture:

Interactive voice systems from Genesis allow you to collect data for marketing and other business use using an automated system. You don’t need to employ extra staff or use a call centre and calls are answered instantly, so there’s no waiting – and no frustration for the people you’re contacting.

Booking Systems:

Today, more and more customers prefer to buy products and services remotely rather than physically calling into a shop. Ecommerce websites are one manifestation of this trend. Another is the ability to book by telephone, a Genesis Booking System will let you take orders over the phone without the need to employ people – and offer a faster, more efficient service.

Call Queuing:

Having more customers than you have people to answer them can seem like a great problem for businesses to have. Unfortunately, if it’s not handled properly, you can end up alienating those would-be buyers. The answer is to use network IVR call queuing from Genesis, this helps you answer more of your customers and keep them satisfied while they wait.

Our Network IVR service is constantly evolving and we are continually investing in making it a better solution for any business.

To start using Genesis Interactive Voice (Network IVR) services, call us on 0843 504 4180 today or contact us.