PABX Systems

Get multiple lines for your business without breaking the bank

A PABX system refers to a Private Automatic Branch Exchange service that allows a business to own many telephone lines without paying for each line separately. Imagine the savings you will have when you only pay for a single service in exchange for a long list of features. With Genesis and our hosted PABX solutions for business, you can have a single number for your company despite the different locations of your office. You can also extend the service to your employees’ domestic phones with our help.

How does a PABX work?

PABX Systems are used by call centres, businesses and other large organisations. It gives a single number the ability to provide multiple lines to incoming callers and can provide outgoing lines to staff and agents internally. To get a PABX system for your business, contact us to help you go through the set up process and talk through the steps needed. Unlike other types of business telephone systems, with a PABX system you do not have to buy any equipment, giving you less office equipment to worry about.

Once the service is set up, the PBX will serve as the exchange point. It will forward calls to the designated extensions or end-point. These extensions can be modems, fax machines, telephones and more. PABX systems are also extremely flexible and scalable so can be designed to meet the needs of any business.

Why should you get a PABX?

In the past, getting a PABX system was costly. Fortunately, our systems are very affordable and perfect for small and medium size enterprises. Most of our business PABX systems offer four basic features, namely, establishing connections between two users and maintaining a steady connection. A PABX system is also responsible for disconnecting the line as required by the users and providing important information like call metering. As the technology improved we have started adding new features, you will find some of our PABX systems offering business solutions, such as:

  • Auto Attendant
  • Auto Call Distributor
  • Call Blocking
  • Auto Dialling and more

Genesis’s Business PABX System offers a convenient method of communication. Contact us to find out more about this service and see if PABX systems could be a good fit for your company.