Network Call Recording

‘Record your calls with Genesis’s Network Call Recording and use them to improve your business’

Recording incoming and outgoing calls is a vital part of protecting your business in the case of legal or regulatory disputes. Network Call Recording can assist with training and monitoring staff, managers can easily assess call handling and use this information to improve staff proficiency. It can also help ensure that your corporate message, ethos and values are delivered consistently and competently. With our Network Call Recording service your business can actively pursue an efficient and always-professional way of working.

Genesis Network Call Recording has multiple benefits:

  • Cost-effective
  • Record both incoming and outgoing calls with ease
  • Network-based system
  • No hardware costs to your business
  • Easy and fast to set up

“I never said that!” – Have you ever thought you should be recording your business’s calls?

Well now you can, and with Genesis’s Network Call Recording it’s cheaper and better than ever before!

For more information on Genesis’s Network Call Recording please call us on 0843 504 4180 and we will be more than happy to help.